26 by 11 (Kannada novel)

First part

Second part

Third part

Fourth part

Fifth part

Sixth part

Seventh part

Eighth part

Ninth part

Tenth part

Eleventh part

Twelth part

Thirteenth part

Fourteenth part

Fifteenth part

Sixteenth part

Seventeenth part

Eighteenth part

Ninteenth part

Twentieth part

Twenty first part

Twenty second part

Twenty third part

Twenty four part

Twenty fifth part

Twenty Sixth part

Twenty seventh part

Twenty Eighth part

Twenty Ninth part

Thirtieth part

Thirty first part

Thirty second part

Thirty Third part

Thirty fourth part

Thirty fifth part

Thirty sixth part

Thirty seventh part

Thirty eighth part

Thirty Ninth part

Fortieth part

Forty first part

Forty second part

Forty third part

Forty fourth part

Last part

26 by 11 (Kannada novel)

4 thoughts on “26 by 11 (Kannada novel)

  1. Super sir but i want full novel of this! how can i get this? sir and I’m very much interest to read novel from now onwards after read this novel and need finish this novel. Is this novel is finished or still have pages?

  2. Really really great sir in kannada you have wrote wonderful navel sir. Super hold on characters describe. And i read 105 pages completed in nearly 3 or 4 hours in middle gaps and starting i just to see how is this novel i don’t known how i attached to this novel i finesh68 pages one time and in evening finished 105 really enjoyed but i wanna complete this

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