Aa Dinagalu (Kannada)

తొమ్మిది రోజులు అనే నా నవలను “ఆ దినగళు” పేరుతో కన్నడ భాషలోకి అనువాదం చేశారు. అదే ఈ నవల.

First Part

Second Part

Third Part

Fourth part

Fifth part

Sixth part

Seventh part

Eighth part

Ninth part

Oil painting of flowers by the lake on a background of mountains on canvas. Modern Impressionism Art

Tenth part

Eleventh part

Twelth part

Thirteenth part

Fourteenth part

Fifteenth part

Sixteenth part

Seventeenth part

Eighteenth part

Ninteenth part

Twentieth part

Twenty first part

Twenty second part

Twenty third part

Twenty fourth part

Twenty fifth part

Twenty sixth part

Twenty seventh part

Last part

Aa Dinagalu (Kannada)

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